‘Firsts in India’ from F-MASIL

Over the years, Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India has been at the forefront of leading innovation in indigenized engine sealing technology in the country. With a number of patents and satisfied customers to support this claim, we have been responsible for a number of ‘Firsts’ in the Industry.

The First Indian company to eliminate the use of Asbestos from production & offer
Asbestos Free Gaskets: Though the transition process began in 1998, Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India became completely Asbestos-Free in 2008. This has helped the company become the preferred source for sourcing divisions of Global OEMs.


RCS Challenger: We have filed for a patent on this product which is made from a unique combination, perfectly blending the advantages of composite gaskets with an all Steel construction.


Heat Shields: These are offered in wrap around construction specially to take care of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) demands. Our Heat Shields protect passengers in a vehicle from the high temperatures emitted from the engine. With transition to stricter BS III and BS IV emission norms, the Heat Shield is becoming an ever important component of the engines. It has transitioned from being a comfort product to a mandatory requirement.


‘MLG’ (Multi Layered Graphite) Gaskets: Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India created a “Burn Free” material for Cylinder Head Gaskets especially for Indian conditions. This gasket design helped reduce the down time of commercial vehicles, while creating an opportunity for the localization programs of Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India’s OEM customers.


‘King Steel Gaskets’ specifically designed for Indian conditions to replace ‘MLS’ (Multi Layered Steel) Gaskets : Federal-Mogul ANAND Sealings India developed a gasket with qualities of the MLS Gasket while providing solutions to mechanics to overcome hardware surface out of flatness issues. The Gasket uses Rubber coated steel layers like the MLS gaskets and provides compressible heat dissipating material as the core. This unique combination helps combine the advantages of MLS gaskets with those of the high density combined core gaskets.


The first company to work on the Catalytic Converter


Diesel Oxy Caps: To reduce heat levels of 1200 degrees by half.